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Vegetal Color Protection Shampoo 200ml

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Vegetal Color Protection Shampoo is India’s first ECOCERT, Paris on Cosmos v2 Standards-certified shampoo that effectively enhances the color washing ability on hair and allows the color to stay longer on your hair. Fused with 100% natural and organic extracts of Shoe flower, Lotus, Shea butter, and Olive Oil, this color protecting shampoo also protects your hair from the harmful UV rays.

The key benefits are as follows:
• Enhances color washing Ability on hair
• Protects hair from the harmful UV rays
• Enriched with certified organic extracts that conditions hair
• Free of toxic chemicals and synthetic preservatives

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Natural Ingredient- Vegetal Color Protection Shampoo is powered with organic extracts of Shoe flower, Lotus, Shea butter, Marigold, and Olive Oil. These ingredients are purely natural and organic as they are grown in an organic environment and are sourced from organic farms. This claim is tested as well as certified by the renowned certification body, ECOCERT, Paris on Cosmos v2 Standards. These ingredients work in sync with each other and nourish your hair naturally. They protect the hair color and enhance the color washing ability on hair.

Free of Parabens, Sulphates, & Toxic
Chemicals-Paraben and Sulphates are widely used in many shampoos in order to prolong their shelf life and to facilitate the formation of foam. They are the cheapest preservatives available that can potentially harm your hair and scalp including your overall health. We, at the Vegetal, carry an all-natural line; formulate our products with natural and organic ingredients that are free of toxic chemicals

Protects the Hair Color-Certified by ECOCERT, Paris on Cosmos v2 Standards, Vegetal Color Protection Shampoo is enriched with 100% natural and 95% organic extracts of earthy ingredients. Being organic, it is free of toxic chemicals like Parabens, SLS, SLES, and so on. This shampoo basically protects the hair color from being washed away soon and allows the color to stay for longer on your hair.

UV Protection-Vegetal Color Protection Shampoo is enriched with 100% natural extracts of Shoe Flower, which is proven to be an anti-solar agent as it absorbs ultraviolet radiation. Owing to its rich property, this shampoo strongly protects your hair from harmful UV radiations thus protecting the hair color from being absorbed by sunrays. Apart from protecting the color, Vegetal Color Protection Shampoo also conditions the hair and protects the hair damage associated with UV rays.

ORGANIC V2 Standards-We are not just natural but organic and we are not just organic but certified organic. Vegetal Color Protection Shampoo is India’s first EcoCert certified organic shampoo. We at Vegetal use the best of handpicked 100% natural and organic ingredients that are sourced directly from organic farms. We simply don’t claim to be organic rather we authenticate our claim as we are certified by one of the highest and trusted certification bodies around the world, EcoCert Paris. EcoCert performs regular audits of our certified products and renews the certification after ensuring that our products comply to its standards and procedures.

Not Tested on Animals & Vegan Product-We are one of those companies which do not believe in testing our products on animals. And so we are proud to say this is one of those 100% vegan and cruelty-free product from our complete range of Hair, skin and body care.

  • Olive Oil- Nourishes and strengthens the hair follicles to promote thick hair
  • Aloe Vera- Prevents itchiness, reduces dandruff and conditions beard hair
  • Argan Oil- Protects the hair texture
  • Golden Jojoba Oil- Promotes hair thickness
  • Coconut Water- Offers deep nourishment

How To Use

Step 1. First, wash the beard and pat dry with a clean towel.
Step 2. Take 5-6 drops of beard oil on your palm.
Step 3. Rub it on your beard and massage it gently.
Step 4. You can also twist the mustache to give it the desired shape.
For best results, use it during morning and night.

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